H&M hires Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

H&M have hired Christopher Wylie, the man who outed Cambridge Analytica in March of 2018, as their new Research Director.

If you are unsure who or what I am talking about, Cambridge Analytica was a data analytics company that, through the use of Facebook, harvested over 50 million profiles and took our personal data (because lets be honest, we were probably involved) for political purposes.

By using this information, Facebook were able to target advertising specifically tailored to each profile and use their newfound knowledge of us to sway our opinion one way or the other with regards to different political events.

This began as an experiment and ended in a massive scandal and a law suit.

However, the man who outed the goings on of this company was Christopher Wylie who has found himself a knew job with the Swedish clothing company, H&M. His main role in this new job will be to help H&M improve its capabilities within consumer, product and market insights whilst also supporting their work on sustainable and ethical artificial intelligence.

Along with his new job, Christopher also spoke at the annual Business of Fashion Voices event last year, revealing just how important a tool fashion was in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, specifically the election of Trump.

He was studying a PHD in fashion around the time he was recruited by Cambridge Analytica and fashion remained a huge focus during his research there.

“When you look at personality traits, music and fashion are the most informative [tools] for predicting someone’s personality.”

Christopher Wylie / Voices BoF

Now working for H&M, his skills in this industry will be put to the growth of the company rather than exploitation of the public.

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