How to easily find cruelty free makeup brands

With so many brands on the market, it can be so difficult to find a brand that you trust; that you like; that you can afford and with products that suit you, never mind adding in the factor of whether this brand has the ethics you agree with or not.

There are still a number of companies that test on animals in order to create their products, some of which are parent brands to the brands that do not test on animals.

So you can see why this can be a fuzzy area.

PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals is the largest animal rights organisation in the world and has been active since 1980 in the fight against animal cruelty. They work to stop the use of animals in laboratories, in the food industry, clothing industries and the entertainment industry. Their work has reached more than 6.5 million people who are now members of PETA and who work to fight for the protection of animals.

I am telling you this because often you will see products with “PETA approved”, meaning that this organisation is satisfied that the company is not using animals to test their products. Basically, a massive thumbs up.

Just look for this symbol;

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 23.45.41.png

The good news is, over 500 companies are PETA approved to be 100% vegan and a further 3,700 companies to be cruelty free.

Urban Decay have been an advocate for the fight against animal cruelty and have recently released a range of vegan products.

I will hold my hands up and say that I have certainly not checked whether a brand is cruelty free or not before purchasing, I just got extremely lucky when I fell in love with Urban Decay. When my mum took me to the Urban Decay counter at Debenhams when I was 15 years old to buy my very first foundation (or at least colour matching foundation, we’ve all been there), I was hooked. And I wasn’t even aware of the company ethics at this point.

Tarte, a company I have had a more recent love affair with, are also cruelty free. However, remember at the beginning when I mentioned the foggy parent company thing? Well, Tarte is under that fog.

Their parent company Kosé, a Japanese company, continue to test on animals and currently own 93% of Tarte. However, the day that the purchase was released, founder of Tarte, Maureen Kelly, released a statement that Tarte will be remaining the cruelty free company that we know and love and that Kosé respect that.

Though I am lucky to have found brands I love with the ethics I love, I can honestly say that sourcing cruelty free makeup brands has never been something I have found easy to do. The feeling when you know you have unintentionally funded a company that supports and participates in animal cruelty is crushing and one I hope I can help you from feeling.


PETA created a fool proof way to search whether a company has their approval or not through their database of cruelty free companies. Simply search their database.

Cruelty Free Kitty created a fantastic source by accumulating 101 cruelty free makeup brands with small summaries of the brands in her post ‘The Ultimate Guide to Cruelty Free Makeup“. Suzi created the company in 2014 that began as a small blog and has now became one of the largest cruelty free resources on the internet.

I am hoping this guide has cleared the fog a little with regards how to look for cruelty free makeup brands through reliable sources.

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