Pure Conscious: London’s leading trade show talks sustainability

It is currently day 2 of Pure London, the UK’s leading Fashion Retail event. Over the course of these 3 days, speakers have travelled from around the UK or even further to discuss all things retail.

What is Pure London?

Also known as ‘The Festival of Fashion‘. The event is hosted bi-annually, in February and July, and welcomes over 17,000 visitors through its doors at Olympia London, featuring over 1,300 womenswear, menswear and kids wear collections and 160 garment and fabric suppliers from 13 countries including Italy, Mauritius, Turkey, Portugal and Taiwan.

This year’s Festival of Fashion manifesto;

Redefining Disruption. It’s the year to challenge the status quo and navigate the new.

Pure London

With the help of their highly talented speakers, the event has certainly pointed the finger towards sustainable fashion.

Deborah Joseph, Editor and Chief of Glamour Magazine, hosted a panel session today at the event, speaking with Mark Bloom, founder of Komodo Fashion, Qiulae Wong, head of Product and Marketing at Common Objective and Georgina Wilson-Powell, Editor of Pebble Magazine.

The panel discussed the power of consumers (a.k.a us), asking the question ‘are we on the cusp of a green revolution that can turn the industry around or is fast fashion just too hard to break’?

In Deborah’s Instagram post, she highlighted the key discussions of the panel ranging from fast fashion versus slow fashion to why hemp in no longer just a Glastonbury trend and finally to why we are all finally realising we need to give a fuck if there is any hope for the future.

However, this isn’t the beginning of Pure London supporting the move to a more sustainable fashion industry.

In a campaign they launched back in July, guided by the United Nations Global Goal 12 for responsible consumption and production patterns, they created The Power of One.

Through the launch of Pure Conscious, they work closely with industry leaders and connect buyers with sustainable brands, as well as offering support and advice for a sustainable future.

Together with the Power of One, Pure London will offer a platform to spark conversations and take action towards creating a better and more sustainable and forward-thinking supply chain.

Pure London / Power of One

The Power of One created 5 easy-to-adopt pledges;

  • TURN IT DOWN – covering temperature control and washing clothes on a lower setting.
  • GET DIRTY – wear more and wash less, showers over baths to reduce water and wastage.
  • PASS IT ON – recycling and upcycling, donating clothes and participation in acts of kindness (kindness is contagious).
  • ETHICOOL – pledges positioned towards creating a more ethically and environmentally friendly world.
  • ACTUALLY I CAN – empowerment to make a stand and make a change. No voice is too smalls.

With the power of social media, Pure London are asking for people to share their pledges in the hopes that more people with join the campaign for a more sustainable future.

The UK’s number one leading trade event is doing its part and flying the flag for more sustainable fashion and they still have one more day left!

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