Recycle, REJEAN, re-use; The sustainable clothing company taking Glasgow by storm.

Just last week I met with 27 year-old fashion designer, Siobhan McKenna, to talk about her growing company ReJean Denim. We met in Siobhan’s hometown of Glasgow at the newly opened, COLAB Scotland, where Siobhan displays just some of her jackets.

In the coffee shop just next to her unit, we sat down to discuss how she got to where she in now and what her plans for ReJean are in the future.

Siobhan McKenna founder of ReJean Denim

After studying fashion and textiles at Cardonald College, Siobhan then took up a fashion degree at Manchester Metropolitan¬†University, graduating in 2012. When finished her further education, Siobhan moved, transferring from her part-time job at Levi’s in Manchester, to London. It was there she began working in the tailoring shops.

I started working in the tailor shops. I was always repairing jeans and working with jeans and all that kind of stuff.

Siobhan McKenna / ReJean Denim

After working with Levi’s for a while, Siobhan began working with the vintage company, Rokit.

 Rokit has recycled over a million tonnes of discarded clothing and accessories since 1986 and is renowned for it’s vintage treasures.

Siobhan worked in the warehouse where all the clothing was recycled, spending her time sorting through and cutting up old pairs of jeans into denim shorts and other things.

ReJean Denim / COLAB Scotland

It just broke my heart a little bit because you would come across some amazing old stuff and you would just think, I can’t cut this up, it’s too good as it is.

Siobhan McKenna / ReJean Denim

Siobhan moved back to her hometown of Glasgow in 2016 and began working in costume whilst planning the steps to something bigger. Creating a design company has always been something she has thought about doing, but logistically has always been difficult.

Working at Levi’s and working at Rokit kind of caught onto something in my brain. I’ve always loved denim anyway, it’s a material that doesn’t go out of fashion and something that will always be relevant.

Siobhan McKenna

Though the company is still in its first stages, Siobhan has had a lot of interest in her company, and I’m not surprised.

Just a few weeks ago, Siobhan had her first pop-up at the launch of COLAB Scotland, where her work is still on display. Siobhan’s offers appointments at her unit, where customers can shop in person, making the whole experience, from fitting to making, so personal for both the buyer and herself.

The jackets, completely handmade by Siobhan, are created by sourcing defective, second-hand denim from charity stores, vintage stores or recycling centres and then handpicked before being put back together into a jacket with a completely unique, one of a kind style.

The company is already completely ethical and with Siobhan working as hard as she is to source eco-friendly packaging, the company wont be long in becoming fully sustainable as well.

Next on my list is to get some ReJean branded denim buttons and a button hole machine. Then that’s pretty much it.

Siobhan McKenna

Siobhan’s appreciation for the materials she works with can really be seen in her work and it is no wonder she is making moves in the industry. Her work has already been shipped off to places as far as Australia and I don’t think it will stop there.

Her work is still currently on display at COLAB Scotland.

Thank you so much to Siobhan for taking the time to speak with me!

ReJean Denim – Instagram

COLAB Scotland – Instagram

COLAB Scotland Website –

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