Week 2

Week 2 is finished! This challenge is going surprisingly fast.

With the changing seasons, it is becoming difficult to fight the urge of buying some new clothes (even if they are from sustainable and ethical companies)! But I am enjoying the challenge.

Day 1



Green Jumpsuit

This was the first day in the challenge where I had to use my outfit for evening as well. As I said on my Instagram, this was a challenge for me.

As a recovering shopaholic, not purchasing an outfit for a night out was foreign but something my bank account certainly appreciated. And in all honesty, it gave me a lot more time, meaning I wasn’t rushing out the door ‘fashionably late’ like every other night out ever.

Day 2

Black T-shirt / Black Bootcut Jeans

This outfit was very simple, in fact, it was so simple I would deem it as lazy. A combination of black is something you can never go wrong in and breaking it up with my oversized denim jacket just made it a little bit less, well, black.

You could have packed the accessories and made this outfit a lot more interesting, but as I said, I was lazy.

Day 3

Black Turtle Neck / Patterned Skirt

This could possibly be my favourite outfit I have worn in a while.

My sister bought be this jacket many Christmases ago and, truthfully, I forgot how to wear it. It was stored in the section of ‘might wear again’, and that I did.

Day 4

Black T-shirt / Patterned Skirt

Another outfit repeat, but this time, it was way less alarming.

By knotting the top, it gives it a little bit more shape and makes it less of a boring black top. Going hard with the accessories will liven this up a little, bit I am quite enjoying the simplicity.

Day 5

Grey Jumper / Black Flare Jeans

Okay, I LOVE neck scarves (and yes, this neck scarf doubles as a hair scarf, bag tie, anything I am in the mood for).

I never ever thought I would be one to be daring enough to try, but here I am. And honestly, I think it could look worse.

But this pop of colour just makes any outfit step up a level.

Week 2 is done

I feel like these 10 weeks will go faster than I originally thought. Either that, or I have just jinxed it and the slowest 2 months are about to begin.

Even though it has only been 2 weeks, I feel a lot stronger in myself as a consumer. You may not think it, I didn’t even think it until right now as I type this, but we are really making a difference.

Here’s why you are making a difference;

You are not cheap

If you just bought a designer jacket from a charity store instead of full price, more power to you. You are not being a cheapskate, you have bought an item that somebody adored and now you will too. You are giving it a second life.

“I don’t need it”

These might seem like very easy words to say but they hold so much more power than you think. You took control and didn’t let fast-fashion brands sway you.

“I’ve had it for years”

Yes, I bet 9 out of 10 times, this is meant in a self-deprecating manner. I’ve said it myself many, many, MANY times. But stop.

Go you!

You’ve had it for years, you’ve taken good enough care of it to still be able to wear it and I’ll bet that was a reply to a compliment.

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I have partnered up with The Fashion Detox so they will be sharing all my style tips for the next 10 weeks as well as some crazy facts on the fast-fashion industry that will hopefully inspire you to join us in this challenge or even make a challenge of your own!

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