Week 4

Can you believe it?! We are one month into the Fashion Detox Challenge.

Since it’s been a month, I thought I would do a quick reminder of what the Fashion Detox actually is.

So basically, a number of us have signed up to for a 10 week challenge in which we cannot spend a single penny on clothes for the duration of the challenge in a bid to combat fast fashion and the amount of clothing going to landfills.

On top of this, I set up my own challenge where, each week, I pick 6 items of clothing and can only wear those 6 items for the whole week, minus weekends (because work, boo).

Day 1

Pink Ruffle Top / Black Flare Jeans

Day 1 was a very simple outfit. This top is one that I can quite easily dress up or down, but for this day, I paired it with my favourite mom jeans (okay, my only mom jeans) and made it quite simple.

In all honesty, this wasn’t my favourite outfit ever but hey, we’re a month in. This outfit picking is getting harder and harder!

Day 2

Cream Jumper / Pink Skirt

If you follow my Instagram, you will have already seen that I paired this with my sisters chunky white trainers and not my black boots.

Honestly, not an outfit I would have ever thought I’d pull off but I LOVED it.

Day 3

Cream Jumper / Black Flare Jeans

This was another lazy outfit. But it was super cozy so therefore, it’s allowed.

I re-wore my cream jumper and threw on my black jeans for the 10 minutes I actually left the house.

Day 4

Grey Jumper / Pink Skirt

I re-wore my pink skirt on this day, pairing it with my grey jumper this time.

I’m kind of living for this fancy skirt and jumper combo at the minute and I never EVER thought I would be.

Day 5

Grey Jumper / Black Mom Jeans

This was another outfit I really enjoyed wearing. It was just super comfy and really easy to wear.

That’s always the makings of a good outfit.

1 month in

A whole month has gone in. I can’t believe it. Honestly, I really didn’t think I would last this long. I know my mum certainly didn’t think I would.

But here we are, with 6 weeks left.

I’m going to share some motivational tips because who doesn’t love a bit of motivation.

Only your opinion matters

Arguably not true for most things, but when it comes to your outfit, 100% accurate. You shouldn’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks about what you’re wearing, and that goes for how long you’ve been wearing it (obviously whilst staying hygienic).

“You wore that before?”

I would have wanted the ground to swallow me up if someone pulled me up about wearing an outfit, but, during the month of doing this challenge, I’ve learnt that I actually don’t care.

Yes, I’ve worn this before and yes, it looked this good on me then too.

Creativity is key

I’ll admit, I haven’t been crazily creative with my outfits so far. But I can honestly say, I am running out of things to wear and when this happens, creativity is the way forward.

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