China ends mandatory animal testing for cosmetics

It’s time to celebrate another massive step forward in the cosmetic industry.

As of this week, China will no longer use animal testing as a requirement in the production of cosmetics.

As of today (Monday), the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) stopped requiring tests for ordinary cosmetics such as skincare, makeup, hair products and so on.

The new law will now allow manufacturers to choose from available alternatives as oppose to animal testing which has been a legal requirement up until last year, when the law was slightly adjusted.

The adjustment in the law meant that 10,000 animals a year would no longer be tested on which was a massive step forward.

The law, as explained by the Human Society International went as such;

  • Foreign imported ordinary cosmetics – still require animal testing
  • Domestically produced ordinary* cosmetics – animal testing no longer an absolute requirement
  • Both foreign imported and domestically produced ‘special use’** cosmetics – still require animal testing
  • Domestically produced ordinary cosmetics for foreign export only – have never required animal testing
  • Any cosmetic bought in China via a foreign e-commerce website – has never required animal testing.

China’s law on animal testing made it extremely difficult for brands that were available in China to deem themselves as ‘cruelty free’. Brands such as Avon and Estée Lauder came under fire from customers who were led to believe that the brands were completely cruelty free, however were not under China’s law.

While we celebrate China’s regulatory change, we also hope very much that China will go further and next apply the removal of mandatory animal testing to foreign-imported cosmetics too, as well as replace post-market animal testing with in vitro-based safety tests.

Humane Society International

Care 2, a company dedicated to caring for causes and creating actions, have created a petition to continue to fight against animal testing.

There is still a lot of steps left to make in China and in other countries as well to create a completely cruelty free industry, but the first steps have been taken and with more people than ever caring about the quality and ethics of their products, it is only a matter of time before the cosmetic industry care too.

Sign Care2’s animal testing petition here.

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