Week 5

It’s the end of week 5. We are over half way through!

This week, I’ll admit, I was struggling for inspiration from my own wardrobe so I done the most sustainable thing whilst unable to buy more clothes, borrowed them from my sister!

I think that is completely acceptable though, as long as your sibling doesn’t mind of course.

Quite often Rebecca and I will buy a certain item of clothing ‘for shares’, which means we will both wear it and usually lets us off the hook when mum asks us why we’re wasting money on more clothes.

Day 1

Pink Jumper / Blue Skinny Jeans

Outfit one was very ‘mum in the 90s’ which is a look I 100% rate.

Credit to Rebecca for the jumper and the cool shoes (which I really want btw).

Day 2

Black T-shirt / Burnt Orange Midi Skirt

The burnt orange midi skirt, another item borrowed from my sisters wardrobe, has since become a real favourite of mine.

Tucking my black t-shirt in and pairing them with a chunky, ‘bohemian’ if you will, necklace.

Day 3

Black T-shirt / Blue Skinny Jeans

This outfit was another overly casual outfit.

Take a guess to see the totally never before worn item?

Day 4

Denim Jumpsuit

Not going to lie, I felt like a cowgirl and I loved it.

This jumpsuit is one of my new favourite things (thanks Rebecca). It may or may not have something to do with my obsession with Lilly James as Donna in Mama Mia Here We Go Again. You decide.

Day 5

Black Crop Top / Burnt Orange Midi Skirt

It’s hard to see in this photo, but the buttons on both the top and the skirt matched perfectly in this combo and it gave me unnatural amounts of joy.

Half way there!

We are half way to the end of Fashion Detox. I’m going to be honest, I’m quite sad by that.

But this challenge has taught me so much about myself already.

I have willpower

I have more willpower than I ever thought I did. From the minute I decided to do this challenge, I thought about the last things I might need to get, emergency clothes if you will, before I could no longer buy anymore and I just thought, stop.

There is nothing you need and that thought continued and will continue, I hope until well after the challenge is finished.

I don’t care what other people think

The one that terrified me most about this challenge wasn’t what to wear everyday or how I would cope without buying new clothes, it was what will people think of me posting an outfit a day everyday? Will I annoy people? Will they judge me for wearing the same top twice?

And I realised that, in the nicest way possible, people don’t actually give a shit about what I’m doing.

You have the power

I’ve said this since I began my blog and in there last few months, I’ve realised more than ever that the consumer has more power than we think.

I was stuck in a bubble thinking I was controlled by advertisements and sales and in some ways, I was. But it’s easier than you think to break away from that control and regain power.

Who knew unfollowing brands on Instagram could have such a positive influence on your life?

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