Week 6

Week 6 is over. That means only 1 MONTH LEFT!

Day 1

Black Button Dress / White T-Shirt

This outfit was one of my favourites, inspired by one of my recent favourite Instagram accounts, @i.thrift.shit.

Even though its technically spring, I wouldn’t dare pull a dress on yet. But pairing it with a white T and some opaque tights makes it a little easier to handle.

Day 2

Grey Trousers / White T-Shirt

This outfit was another one inspired by a fellow Instagrammer. Keaton Millburn, not so recently, did a challenge where she turned herself into Hailey Bieber and on this day, I decided I was cool enough to do the same.

Day 3

Blue Shirt / Black Skinny Jeans

This was an outfit that I usually would never wear. For some reason, as much as I love this top, I never actually wore it all that often (most likely because it’s actually my sisters).

Paired with the black hairband, it made it a very cute outfit, if I don’t say so myself.

Day 4

White T-Shirt / Black Skinny Jeans

I paired this outfit with my burgundy biker jacket and it turned what was quite a plain jane outfit in to something quite understatedly cool (again, don’t mind my vanity).

Day 5

Button Dress / Striped Shirt

I used this shirt as an over shirt, again because the warm weather is yet to greet us here in Scotland.

However, the colouring works very well with them both being easily teamed items.

P.S I forgot I could wear tights with dresses since leaving High School.

1 month left

How exciting!

This week, I honestly don’t have much more advice to give. I will however tell you that I have spoken to some very interesting people who do.

As we’re on the final stretch, I just wanted to remind you all, if you’re participating in this challenge and even if you’re just intrigued, that you have so much power.

And yes, I know that is super cheesy, but I’m guessing you probably haven’t been told that today, or maybe even this week and you deserve to know that you are so much stronger and able than you may think you are.

Something so simple, such as not spending money on clothes, can snowball in so much more. Just keep than in mind as you continue your week!

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