Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink Edinburgh was founded by Ilana Ewing, born and raised in Brazil. Shortly after moving to Scotland, fuelled by home sickness, Ilana began to create and craft her own sustainably sourced jewellery. Over time I began to concentrate more fully on eco-jewellery and on designing and creating collections that were colourful, contemporary, stylish … Continue reading Pretty Pink

Week 10

If you don't know, or maybe are just joining in on this final week, I and many others took part in a Fashion Detox challenge. This challenge was kickstarted by Emma Kidd as part of research for her dissertation. This challenge primarily consisted of us not buying clothes for 10 whole weeks. I left a … Continue reading Week 10

R Sustainable Fashion Show; Reinvent, Reclaim, Re-innovate.

At the Jam House in Edinburgh, some of the most fashionable people gathered to watch the R Sustainable Fashion Show, an event which I arrived an hour late to but never missed a second. Long flowing coats, platform shoes, paper-bag styled trousers and a lot of midi rings, the audience wandered around, small talking and, … Continue reading R Sustainable Fashion Show; Reinvent, Reclaim, Re-innovate.