Week 7

It is the end of week 7!

Day 1

Crop Top / Grey Trousers

The spring weather got to me a little bit whilst I was picking my items for this week.

I tried to look quite sporty, you be the judge. But this is an outfit that is so easy to change up and pairing smart trousers with trainers and an extremely casual top creates an entirely different look.

Day 2

Cropped T / Midi Skirt

This outfit is one I very much enjoy wearing, especially this T.

If you follow me on Instagram (you’re missing out), but you will have seen my post about wh

Day 3

Crop Top / White Skirt

I picked this outfit because;

  1. It was so nice outside when I was picking my items of the week.
  2. I was going on a night out on Wednesday so I knew this would be a nice, versatile outfit I could wear.

But, Wednesday comes along and so does the snow. But not even hypothermia will stop me from completing this challenge.

Day 4

Midi Skirt / Bardot Top

This is another outfit I love. I will confess, I never used to be a skirt person but rewind to a few years ago and I love them!

They are so easy to wear for any occasion.

Day 5

Cropped T / Grey Trousers

The boob top is back!

I always wear a bralette under this top as I think, because it is so cropped, it just adds come extra detail underneath.

3 weeks to go

With 3 weeks to go, I’m finding it even more difficult to not be buying things. But, I am also very aware that I have a lot of events coming up in May.

I’m still stuck in the mindset of having to buy a new outfit for events but I’m slowly trying to coax my way out of it.


You might wonder what I mean by that, but I’ve been doing a lot of research on second hand shops or even clothes hire sites!

The events I have coming up are things that I will wear and most likely never wear again, so hiring clothes seems like a fantastic idea and one I never would have thought of without the inability to buy things.

Be open minded

Be willing to try different ways of getting clothes. Are you and a friend a similar size? Do they have an outfit that would be perfect for an occasion?

It sounds silly and I know that I used to borrow clothes from friends all the time (and most likely never get them back), but this is something that can really help and its so simple.

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