Week 8

Can you believe there is only 2 weeks left to go! I certainly can’t. Not going to lie, I don’t actually know how I will cope without having my outfits laid out ready to be worn every day.

Day 1

Black Jeans / Black Turtle Neck / Striped Shirt

This morning was clearly a cold one, hence the layers.

But I actually really enjoy wearing a turtle neck under another item of clothing. It just seems to add another level, literally.

Day 2

Patterned Skirt / Jumper

Back to a basic skirt and jumper combo.

What can I say, I’m predictable.

And I am also running very low on more fresh outfit ideas.

Day 3

Skinny Jens / White T-Shirt / Stripy Shirt

Again, the shirt over a top. It just is so easy to wear and just gives you an extra bit of covering if it’s chillier.

Day 4

Black Turtle Neck / Patterned Midi Skirt

This outfit was much harder to wear. As much as I love it, it happened to be one of the warmest days we’ve had in a while and I am in a full black turtle neck.

Not cute.

Day 5

Striped Shirt / Skinny Jeans

This was an extremely experimental outfit, which I actually got a lot of compliments on. As I mentioned, running low on outfit inspiration means searching for creativity and Instagram is full of it.

It’s still a simple shirt, but just turned around backwards,it looks like a whole new top.

End of week 8!

We only have 2 weeks left!

It has scared me how easy I have found this after the first few weeks.

Even when I know I have an event coming up, I’ve been able to find new ways to find an outfit or restyle one of my own. It really is all about your mindset.

We can do this final stretch guys!

Published by Erin-Louise Kirsop

Creator of El Inspired. Journalism student and movie addict on the journey to a more sustainable life.

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