Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink Edinburgh was founded by Ilana Ewing, born and raised in Brazil. Shortly after moving to Scotland, fuelled by home sickness, Ilana began to create and craft her own sustainably sourced jewellery.

Over time I began to concentrate more fully on eco-jewellery and on designing and creating collections that were colourful, contemporary, stylish and unique, whilst at the same time utilising only raw materials ethically sourced from Brazilian cooperatives in the Amazon rainforest and made by my very own hand.

The resultant collections contain brightly-coloured eye-catching necklaces, earrings and bracelets and are created using natural products from the Amazon such as coconut shells, reclaimed woods, and different nuts and seeds – including the fabulously versatile ‘Vegetable Ivory’. As the company grew we decided to set up a new business dedicated to the wholesale of the jewellery while this website and the store concentrates on the retail of our eco-jewellery and other sustainable and ethical gifts.

Ilana Ewing

Published by Erin-Louise Kirsop

Creator of El Inspired. Journalism student and movie addict on the journey to a more sustainable life.

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