The Ladies Behind the Slow Fashion Movement

Imagine waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning and going to work, knowing you will not come home for another 14 hours, possibly longer. Spending your entire day choking on the fumes behind your section of the factory, lucky to have an inch of room between the machines were you can slide your smallContinue reading “The Ladies Behind the Slow Fashion Movement”

My cruelty free skincare routine

Skincare is an extremely important part of my routine. At least, now it is. A few years ago I spoke to a customer assistant in Lush who was of Asian origin and we were discussing how, stereotypically, women of Asian ethnicity, 9.5 out of 10, times have the most beautiful skin. Coincidence? Maybe. But sheContinue reading “My cruelty free skincare routine”

Recycle, REJEAN, re-use; The sustainable clothing company taking Glasgow by storm.

Just last week I met with 27 year-old fashion designer, Siobhan McKenna, to talk about her growing company ReJean Denim. We met in Siobhan’s hometown of Glasgow at the newly opened, COLAB Scotland, where Siobhan displays just some of her jackets. In the coffee shop just next to her unit, we sat down to discussContinue reading “Recycle, REJEAN, re-use; The sustainable clothing company taking Glasgow by storm.”

MP’s call for 1p tax on fast fashion clothes

MP’s have called for a tax of 1 pence to be put on clothing that is purchased in the hope that it will cut waste and begin the funding for better recycling. This ‘fast-fashion’ tax will be aimed at retailers such a Boohoo and ASOS to help end the current clothing throw-away culture that isContinue reading “MP’s call for 1p tax on fast fashion clothes”

My 10 week challenge: Fashion Detox

Tomorrow is the beginning of The Fashion Detox Challenge. I, and many others, have signed up to take part in a 10 week challenge by pledging to NOT spend a SINGLE PENNY on clothes, FOR 10 WEEKS! Why? First, I’ll give you some background. The Fashion Detox Challenge is being led by Emma Kidd, whoContinue reading “My 10 week challenge: Fashion Detox”

The Fashion Revolution with Ruth MacGilp

Ruth MacGilp is one of the best in terms of sustainable fashion blogging. Winning Scottish Blogger of the year in 2016 and a runner up in Sustainable Online Business of the Year, at the Herald Fashion Awards in 2017, it is clear that Ruth knows what she is talking about. After having many blogs asContinue reading “The Fashion Revolution with Ruth MacGilp”