Week 10

If you don't know, or maybe are just joining in on this final week, I and many others took part in a Fashion Detox challenge. This challenge was kickstarted by Emma Kidd as part of research for her dissertation. This challenge primarily consisted of us not buying clothes for 10 whole weeks. I left a … Continue reading Week 10

Week 8

Can you believe there is only 2 weeks left to go! I certainly can't. Not going to lie, I don't actually know how I will cope without having my outfits laid out ready to be worn every day. Day 1 Black Jeans / Black Turtle Neck / Striped Shirt This morning was clearly a cold … Continue reading Week 8

Week 6

Week 6 is over. That means only 1 MONTH LEFT! Day 1 Black Button Dress / White T-Shirt This outfit was one of my favourites, inspired by one of my recent favourite Instagram accounts, @i.thrift.shit. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvWvir5Fzbz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Even though its technically spring, I wouldn't dare pull a dress on yet. But pairing it with a white … Continue reading Week 6

My 10 week challenge: Fashion Detox

Tomorrow is the beginning of The Fashion Detox Challenge. I, and many others, have signed up to take part in a 10 week challenge by pledging to NOT spend a SINGLE PENNY on clothes, FOR 10 WEEKS! Why? First, I'll give you some background. The Fashion Detox Challenge is being led by Emma Kidd, who … Continue reading My 10 week challenge: Fashion Detox