R Sustainable Fashion Show; Reinvent, Reclaim, Re-innovate.

At the Jam House in Edinburgh, some of the most fashionable people gathered to watch the R Sustainable Fashion Show, an event which I arrived an hour late to but never missed a second. Long flowing coats, platform shoes, paper-bag styled trousers and a lot of midi rings, the audience wandered around, small talking and,Continue reading “R Sustainable Fashion Show; Reinvent, Reclaim, Re-innovate.”

China ends mandatory animal testing for cosmetics

It’s time to celebrate another massive step forward in the cosmetic industry. As of this week, China will no longer use animal testing as a requirement in the production of cosmetics. As of today (Monday), the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) stopped requiring tests for ordinary cosmetics such as skincare, makeup, hair products andContinue reading “China ends mandatory animal testing for cosmetics”

MP’s call for 1p tax on fast fashion clothes

MP’s have called for a tax of 1 pence to be put on clothing that is purchased in the hope that it will cut waste and begin the funding for better recycling. This ‘fast-fashion’ tax will be aimed at retailers such a Boohoo and ASOS to help end the current clothing throw-away culture that isContinue reading “MP’s call for 1p tax on fast fashion clothes”

Pure Conscious: London’s leading trade show talks sustainability

It is currently day 2 of Pure London, the UK’s leading Fashion Retail event. Over the course of these 3 days, speakers have travelled from around the UK or even further to discuss all things retail. What is Pure London? Also known as ‘The Festival of Fashion‘. The event is hosted bi-annually, in February andContinue reading “Pure Conscious: London’s leading trade show talks sustainability”

H&M hires Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

H&M have hired Christopher Wylie, the man who outed Cambridge Analytica in March of 2018, as their new Research Director. If you are unsure who or what I am talking about, Cambridge Analytica was a data analytics company that, through the use of Facebook, harvested over 50 million profiles and took our personal data (becauseContinue reading “H&M hires Cambridge Analytica whistleblower”

Patagonia Boss to give Millions towards saving the planet

Founder of sustainable clothing brandĀ Patagonia, Yvon ChouinardĀ has never been one to involve himself in politics. The rock climber, fly fisher turned entrepreneur has always been an image far from your traditional CEOs, creating the Patagonia brand in 1973 after seeing a need for quality hiking and fishing gear. Since the beginning the brand has alwaysContinue reading “Patagonia Boss to give Millions towards saving the planet”