El Inspired

El Inspired is a place where I wanted to document my move to a more sustainable and ethical life. I want to share with you my research, discoveries, struggles and tips as I try and turn my passions into good.

My name is Erin and I am by no means an expert. About a year ago, I became more and more interested in climate change and became exceedingly passionate about my role to combat the crisis.

As someone who is and always has been completely obsessed with clothes, fashion and beauty, it never once occurred to me that these, what I thought were small, things could all have such damaging and lasting effects on our environment. I began to do my research and discovered that I, a student from Scotland was contributing massively to climate change simply through my obsession with clothes.

So, I went cold turkey. I signed up for The Fashion Detox Challenge. I didn’t buy a single item of clothing for 10 weeks. It was difficult but I began to see the light. The fog that the fashion industry has held me in was slowly starting to clear and I knew I had more power than I ever realised over this industry. I could control my habits for the better of our planet.

The power is very much in our purses, we are the ones who control this industry and we are the ones who can change it.